Our Mission

Bellevue Schools Foundation develops, promotes and funds the best possible learning opportunities for ALL students in the Bellevue School District.

We Believe …

.. that education is a foundation for opportunity, growth and success in life.

.. that every child in our community has a right to the best education available anywhere.

.. that strong, healthy schools contribute to a strong, healthy community.

.. that continuously pursuing best practices and piloting innovative educational ideas are essential for Bellevue’s public schools to be leading providers of world-class education.

.. that private support for our public schools ability to provide the high quality education all children in our community deserve.

.. that the Foundation is uniquely positioned to be a catalytic agent of positive change and advancement in Bellevue’s schools.

Our Story

In 1978, the Washington State legislature passed a levy lid*, which galvanized Bellevue community leaders into action. They knew then what is even more true today—that the world into which their children would graduate is complex; it requires extensive social and emotional, arts and academic education; and will demand wide-ranging employment skills.  Read more…

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