Thank You for Helping Fulfill the $25,000 Match!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are so grateful that 182 families donated more than $27,000 to unlock the Lincoln South Food Hall $25,000 matching fund. 

On behalf of the Foundation and Paul and Elaina Herber, BSD parents and owners of Lincoln South Food Hall, an Ascend Hospitality Group company, we thank you for continuing to fund the quality public education every one of our students needs and deserves.

2017–18 Education Investments

This year, Bellevue Schools Foundation donors support $1 million in program investments for the 2017–18 school year. Students in every Bellevue Public School benefit from the innovative, enriching programs contained in the Foundation's program portfolio.



Spotlight on Success

The 30th Annual Spring for Schools Benefit Luncheon provided a unique view into some of the marquis programs helping Bellevue lead the way in education. Watch the video above, and find more produced and event speaker videos on the Foundation's YouTube Channel.

Shop for Good!

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When you do, up to 8% of your purchase price benefits Bellevue Schools Foundation programs, at no additional cost to you! It makes good cent$!

What does Bellevue Schools Foundation Do?

Bellevue Schools Foundation brings together parents, teachers, businesses, and community leaders committed to providing the best education possible for every child in Bellevue. We raise funds to improve student learning through district-wide academic initiatives; curriculum material and book purchases; training opportunities for teachers; and an array of programs that meet students' unique needs. The Foundation helps bridge the gap between the basic funding provided by the State of Washington and the support our students need in order to truly excel.


You make the difference for every student...

Bellevue Schools Foundation donors raise funds to amplify and transform educational opportunities for Bellevue School District students, teachers, and families. Donate Today.