Volunteer with the Foundation

You make the difference! Volunteer support is essential for Bellevue Schools Foundation to promote, develop, and fund the best possible learning opportunities for every Bellevue student!

Each year hundreds of dedicated people volunteer, serving as Foundation Ambassadors for each school, helping with our All in for Kids Annual Fund Campaign and Spring for Schools events, organizing a table for our Spring for Schools Benefit Luncheon, participating on committees, and providing a variety of office support.

“Volunteering in education gives me the opportunity to get to know teachers, staff and administration, kids (especially the peers of my children!) and their parents and families, and to experience small as well as large growth and successes, from daily to long-term.

My favorite part about volunteering is that it immerses me close-in to an environment that I choose to support…It is enriching and fulfilling to contribute. 

  Melanie Pang

Foundation Ambassadors

Bellevue Schools Foundation Ambassadors serve as an important link between the Foundation and each school. Ambassadors communicate Foundation news and events to parents, organize tables for Spring for School and represent the Foundation in the community. Want to learn more about serving as a Foundation Ambassador? We are having a blast with this year’s Ambassadors, and there are a few open positions, if you’d like to get involved. To learn more, Contact the Foundation.

Wondering what YOU can do for our students?

Contact the Foundation office and we’ll contact you to explore the possibilities.