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A, E & I Grants

We are delighted to announce the award of our 20-21 Arts, Enrichment & Innovation grants to all twenty-nine Bellevue School District schools. A list of the grants awarded is attached.

This year, we solicited grant applications from Bellevue School District Curriculum Developers. This was in order for our resources to go the farthest, and to impact the most students, in these times of distance learning due to the Covid pandemic. We received fourteen applications for a total request of $86,019. We are thrilled that we were able to award $85,000 due to the generosity of our donors.

Our goal is to fund 100% of requests. We can only do this with increased donations and parent participation. Please place an article in your newsletter and mention the AE&I grants at events.  The more parents understand the role the Foundation plays in elevating education for their children, the greater our chances to fund all grant requests. Together we can do amazing things for Bellevue Students.

Certificates of Award will be available in mid-November and we will send them to the schools through inter-office mail. BSF Ambassadors will need to coordinate with Nakisa Salashoor, the Foundation Donor Relations Manager and the school office manager to hang certificates in your school office.  We are so grateful that you are helping us to get the information about these grants out to our BSD parent and staff community.

Students learn more when they’re engaged. Arts, Enrichment and Innovation classroom grants give teachers the resources to enrich, enliven and elevate education for their students. Parents and community support funded  Arts, Enrichment and Innovation grants to all  29 schools, for projects that serve more than 20,000 students.  The grants allowed teachers and students opportunities to explore outside places, experiment with new art forms, visit with favorite authors, bring live performances to schools and introduce innovate projects in classroom.

Foundation donors support the arts, field trips, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that have lasting and positive impact on students through Arts, Enrichment & Innovation Grants. These grants fund projects that enable teachers to extend the regular curriculum for students, innovate in the classroom, and enrich student learning.

Bellevue School District teachers can apply for these competitive grants. Review the grant guidelines carefully for information on application requirements and restrictions. Please contact us with any questions about the process or if you need assistance with the application.

Please contact us with any questions about the process or if you need assistance with the application.

E-mail:         Telephone:  425.456.4199