Transforming Education

  • Computer Science Education & Equity—Helps students build skills in computational and critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Computer science education is integrated into curriculum to engage girls and all students. Provides free after-school robotics at elementary schools and new Makerspace equipment for middle schools.
  • National Board Certification—Supports teachers pursuing the “gold standard” for teaching, which transforms classrooms. BSF has supported more than 400 teachers achieving their NBCT. This support has helped Bellevue have the highest number of certified teachers in the state.
  • Arts, Enrichment & Innovation (Classroom/Music) Grants—Enhances students’ education with innovative learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, such as music, field trips, visiting authors and artists, STEM, innovative tools, books, and more.
  • Community Engagement—Deepens community and parents’ understanding of current education topics, from lunchtime presentations on research and best practices to round table discussions on topics like social emotional learning, child well-being, technology and more.
  • Supporting Students

  • Signs of Suicide Program (SOS) - Offers training for more than 40 staff members in schools to recognize and help students struggling with mental illness. The goal of this important program is to decrease suicide attempts and change attitude about depression, mental health and suicide.
  • Emergency COVID Reief Programs —Funds Family Connection Centers to provide food, personal hygiene items, rent assistance guidance and technology support needed for every child to thrive. Serving over 600 families and 2600 students.
  • Early Learning—Provides 30 children in need or experiencing homeless, tuition-free slots to attend high quality BSD preschools, giving them a chance to overcome potential adverse effects and improve long-term education and health outcomes.
  • Culturally Responsive & Innovative Kindergarten Literacy—Increases reading proficiency in kindergarten by incorporating culturally responsible curriculum and providing balanced literacy instruction with books that reflect global communities and cultures.