Honoring Our Foundation PTSA Ambassadors

Bellevue Schools Foundation Ambassadors are the passionate voice of the Foundation in our school communities.

The Foundation relies on many volunteers throughout the year, and few are more dedicated to the values we espouse than our Foundation PTSA Ambassadors. They serve as liaisons between the Foundation, our 28 school communities, and our PTSA partners. Ambassadors are passionate about bringing the best possible public school education to all of our Bellevue students, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to honor them with lunch and a little celebration of all their hard work.

In addition to recognizing all of our volunteer Ambassadors for their commitment of time and effort throughout the school year, we presented some special awards:

Longest Serving Ambassador: Brook Rose

Most Inspirational Ambassador: Helping Lake Hills Submit More Arts, Enrichment & Innovation Grant Applications Than Ever Before (11 applications): Evie Porte

Equity Champions—Outreach to Title 1 Schools in the A,E and I Grant Process: Gina Davis & Christine Hemnes

Outreach Superstars: Ambassador with the Greatest Reach—Kathy Green Wilson and Laura Kramer

Rookie of the Year: Heidi Johnson—Big Picture 9.3% to 14.4%—highest improvement in parent participation rate

Most Tables Filled at Spring for Schools: Somerset Elementary—3 tables

Highest Parent Participation Rate (Elementary): Medina Elementary—Jessica Rossman & Tracy Mayclin & Anita Bagga

Highest Parent Participation Rate (Middle): Odle—Parul Shah & Danwen Huang & Jessica Pan

Highest Parent Participation Rate: (High School): Bellevue—Kea Rensch & Evelyn Edgers and Jennifer Wang

The Foundation thanks everyone who serves, has served, or will serve as a volunteer for the Foundation. To learn more about becoming an Ambassador for your school community, please email us at info@bsfdn.org, or call 425-456-4199.

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