Businesses care about Bellevue schools

Bellevue business leaders support high quality public K-12 education that forms the foundation for a vital community and thriving economy. Support for the Foundation's mission comes in many forms, and every contribution helps transform education and support students in every classroom, every day.

  • Corporate and  Spring for Schools sponsors;
  • Other companies contribute in-kind support, as did Hebert Research, Blend Creates, and Wipro for example;
  • Retailers and restaurants such as Haystack Antiques and the Heavy Restaurant Group for example, choose to create promotions from which the Foundation receives a designated percentage of sales;
  • And some companies add employee involvement to the ways they support the schools, enabling their employees to serve as mentors, tutors, or otherwise directly participate in the education provided to our students.

We are interested in exploring the range of possibilities with any and all interested businesses. Contact us for more information.

"Heavy Restaurant Group is extremely proud of the partnership we have forged with the Bellevue Schools Foundation. We can think of no better way to support our local communities than by assisting in the education of our local children and supporting all the important work of our public schools."

—David Yusen, Heavy Restaurant Group

"Republic Services is honored and thrilled to be supporting the Bellevue Schools Foundation, an absolutely phenomenal organization. Without what you do, we don't have much of a future, now do we?

—Janet Prichard, Republic Services