Board of Trustees

The Bellevue Schools Foundation is guided in its work by a Board of Trustees made up of 30-35 community leaders. Trustees are volunteers, serving three-year terms, renewable twice, for a maximum of 9 years. Trustees have the opportunity to serve on a number of different committees. Interested community members can serve on these committees with trustees as off-board committee members.

2019–2020 Board of Trustees

Justin Bird, Dana F. Besecker Co. , VP Treasurer / Finance

Arthur Emery, Learning Professionals, President / Governance

Katie Ford, Gates Foundation, Grantmaking

Stephanie Ferguson, Microsoft

Allison Frey, Marketing Consultant, VP Governance

Deb Grover, Community Volunteer, VP Grantmaking

Elaina Herber, Ascend Hospitality Group, Major Ask

Chelsea Lientz, CTL Strategy, VP Marketing / Governance

Chris Marks, Community Volunteer, VP Community Engagement

Jill McLeod, BSD Principal (retired), VP Grantmaking

Heija Nunn, Community Volunteer

Sarah Pak-Lin, Healthcare Management Consulting, Grantmaking

Connie Peterson, Community Volunteer, Past President / Governance

Bob Riley, Port of Seattle (retired), Events

Andy Roed, RW Baird & Co., Major Asks

Matt Scher, Merrill Lynch, VP Major Asks

John Seethoff, Microsoft (retired), Past President / Governance

Carlos Sierra, Sierra-Martin Architects, Major Asks

Kelly Silver, Community Volunteer, Secretary

Catherine Smith, Microsoft (retired), VP Community Engagement

Kimberly Walker, Amazon, President-Elect / Grantmaking

Britt Wibmer, Britt Wibmer Real Estate Group, Honor Roll Realtors®

Eugenia Lin Yen, Community Volunteer, VP Grantmaking