Volunteer in the Schools

    Serve as a mentor for Bellevue students

    Volunteers provide support for students both in and out of the classroom, serving as positive role models and encouraging students to succeed.

    Interested in learning more? Volunteers in Bellevue schools are coordinated by the donor-funded VIBES (Volunteers in Bellevue's Education System) program.


    One-on-one volunteers meet weekly with the same student. They typically serve as both tutor and mentor, working with students on academics and helping to deal with difficult issues. Students greatly benefit from one-on-one attention from a caring adult. Opportunities are available in every school.

    “My favorite thing about my VIBES mentor is he helps me learn math I do not get.” 
    Sherwood Forest student


    Classroom volunteers are matched with classrooms to provide weekly support for all students. Their role in the classroom is guided by the teacher. Volunteers may circulate around the room, helping students who need extra assistance that day, or they may work with small groups of students. Opportunities are available in every school.

    “I love volunteering at the school; the kids and teachers are wonderful to be around. I donate to Bellevue schools with my time as well as money because I see what the teachers can do when they are supported. I have seen some excellent teaching with superb results while volunteering in classrooms at Woodridge Elementary. With twenty-nine students per room, the presence of an adult volunteer is more than just helpful, it's meaningful. The positive energy that exists at the school is infectious, and I always leave feeling great.” 
    Lisa Rutledge, Parent at Woodridge Elementary 


    Sammamish High SchoolAs part of the new mentoring program at Sammamish High School, mentors in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, as well as humanities fields, are paired with students and classrooms. Mentors introduce real-world elements to the curriculum and provide students with exposure to potential careers.

    Bellevue Big Picture SchoolThe Bellevue Big Picture School, new in 2011, seeks to provide students with highly personalized and relevant learning experiences. Volunteers are needed to work one-on-one with students, as a well as with entire classrooms, helping to connect students with college and career pathways, hosting students on workplace visits, reviewing student projects related to their fields of work and more.

    College CorpsCollege Corps mentors work one-on-one after school with students at Interlake and Sammamish High Schools, helping them with the college application process. Many of the students are the first in their families to be on track to graduate from high school and attend college.

    Legacy LeadershipMentors for Legacy Leadership programs work with minority students in leadership camps and school-based mentoring groups. The Legacy Leadership program is looking for mentors from these students’ communities to support them in leadership camps and a variety of monthly school-based mentoring groups. Mentors serve as positive role models and advocates, and strengthen community partnerships.

    “Although as a professional I have relocated many times, I’ve been involved with mentoring programs in every community that I have resided. So when I moved to Bellevue four years ago, I immediately became involved with the Legacy Leadership mentoring program.” 
    Rod Jones, former Foundation Trustee, Legacy Leadership mentor



    Make a difference for Bellevue students. Volunteer in Bellevue Schools.


    Your contribution benefits every child, in every classroom, every day. Together, we can provide all students in Bellevue’s public schools with the education they need and deserve. Please consider making a gift today.


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